The best breakfast places in Tbilisi

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Everyone knows about Lolita, but its popularity doesn’t make it any less appealing. Come here when you’re feeling extroverted, as the chances of bumping into friends and diverting the course of your day are extremely high. See more

This place has already become legendary in the city, and for good reason. It’s equally great for meeting friends, lovers, colleagues, family or someone new — whatever the context, you’ll have a great time. See more

A wide selection of coffee and simple breakfast you can find right in your neighborhood. Coffee Lab started operating in residential areas and slowly grew its way to the city center, so if you also love to flow upstream, this is your spot. See more

Lavish breakfasts with cocktails makes this a perfect place for a slow start to the day. Especially lovely for post-hangover recovery. See more

If you’re a perfectionist, swing by Chicos. Here, they pay attention to every detail, starting from the interior all the way through to the tiniest element on your plate. See more

If you think breakfasts and books belong together, visit They Said Books’ coffee shop. Nice coffee, healthy food and a carefully curated selection of books and magazines — what could be better? See more

A greenhouse in the heart of one of the most open parks in Tbilisi. Breakfast is served all day here — and the portions are generous and tasty. See more

A nice fusion of Georgian and European, this is the place to forget your diet and indulge in the baked goods. They are the reason Puri Guliani took off! See more