The best breakfast places in Kyiv

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A must-visit place that is on the map of probably every creative from Kyiv See more

This place offers contemporary breakfast food, the best lighting for selfies, and a super friendly team See more

A one-of-a-kind bakery bistro that offers delicious breakfast options, freshly baked treats, modern decor, specialty coffee, and friendly staff who make you feel right at home. You’ll probably leave with their pastries or grab a freshly baked loaf of bread to enjoy later. See more

A place that’s both trendy and friendly, offering oatmeal with shrimp, pancakes with sabayon berries, and fermented drinks — so many good options that you might become a regular See more

A dynamic pizza place that offers super early & delicious breakfasts. Think toasts, poached eggs, croissants, and pastries. See more

A fine dining restaurant & part-time bistro famous for its seasonal cooking and bespoke design that highlights their chef’s style and vision See more

A multidisciplinary project comprising a contemporary art gallery, an exquisite café offering chic cuisine, and a natural wine bar. See more

Greek cafe near Bessarabska square that uses seasonal ingredients in traditional recipes See more