The best breakfast places in Los Angeles

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Sqirl is the East Hollywood gem that turned breakfast and lunch into an art form. Worth a drive for their food wherever you are in LA. Known for their sorrel-pesto rice bowl and famed ricotta toast. With vibrant flavors and quality ingredients, it's a must-visit spot for food lovers. See more

The cafe is spacious, has a good mix of indoor / outdoor seating, and has really delicious pastries & food. Great place to work for a few hours. See more

The Arroz & Fun branding brings a smile to my face every time I order a coffee there. It's fun, bright, and colorful. They also have a unique menu offering with Chinese-Salvadoran fusion drinks and bites. You have to try the El Morro Cold Brew. See more

Perfect for a weekend coffee stop. Here you'll meet some of the friendliest staff in LA. They also sell cute stationery, stickers, and artwork. I recommend the Hojicha Latte, hot or iced, with a shot of espresso. See more

Beautiful, minimalist, Scandinavian-style place with an artful approach to food. Visually stunning and thoughtfully crafted meals for food enthusiasts. Creative vibes fill each corner and every detail. See more