The best breakfast places in Lisbon

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A charming and bright family-owned coffee shop located in Lapa, offering an exclusive view. They serve perfect coffee/tea and minimalist breakfast sets featuring hand-picked local produce. See more

Nestled in one of the most enchanting squares in the city, this charming bistro captures the essence of coziness and offers a delightful escape from the busy streets. It’s a true gem with a warm and inviting atmosphere day or night. See more

A great place for coffee enthusiasts and food adventurers in search of unique flavors, with a bookstore to boot. The food menu features traditional breakfast fare, plus they brew some of the best coffee beans in town. See more

This café offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a stylish interior. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to unwind or a meeting place with friends, the one-of-a-kind setting is sure to leave a lasting impression. See more

An enchanting breakfast café, serving up an array of organic delights that cater to a range of dietary preferences. Enjoy the harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and rustic Portuguese charm. See more

Part of the iconic restaurant group responsible for Heim and Kefi, Seagull Method is a gem in the heart of downtown Lisbon promising a great atmosphere, wonderful decor, and comforting food prepared with the freshest ingredients. See more

Beautiful, spacious and light-filled, this place is great for a quick coffee break or for an hours-long meal with a friend. You can feel the french influence in the design, decoration and menu, which includes fresh baked pastries and cakes. See more

This place combines the best of coffee brewing with a love of bagels. The environment is friendly and laidback, thanks in part to the various art events, special dinners and events they host for the diverse community of Anjos. See more