The best breakfast places in Lisbon

Curated by The Breakfast team

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Community / Effortless / Hearty

An outstanding cafe serving all-day brunch. The food is inspired by the founders' life and travels in Australia & Asia and is made with seasonal, fresh ingredients.



Beautiful / Lively / Charming

Self-proclaimed “best brunch cafe in Lisbon,” and it’s well-deserved. Founded by a couple from Ukraine, Heim kickstarted the local breakfast culture and always offers simple but delicious food served with a friendly vibe.



Community / Laidback / Youthful

A pleasantly laidback place. This a must-visit cafe for those craving delicious breakfast burritos that will put you in an excellent mood for the rest of the day.



Peaceful / Casual / Comforting

Excellent quality in every cup and every plate: specialty coffee combined with an all-day breakfast featuring gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.


Dear Breakfast

Iconic / Bustling / Airy

A legendary place with three locations in Lisbon, an ode to breakfast food. Always full of happy people having a great time and insanely good food.



Tiny / Relaxed / Warm

An easy-going place where you get a homey feel. Come here for seriously good cookies and pastries.

Cais do Sodré

Café Janis

Popular / Lively / Youthful

This pioneer all-day brunch place in centrally located with plenty of outdoor seating for you to enjoy the Lisbon sun. Great food options, friendly staff, and quick service — even on a busy Sunday morning.



Contemporary / Charming / Aesthetic

Tucked away on a quiet street is this hybrid coffee shop, concept store and creative space. With it’s laid-back vibe and beautiful interior, this is the perfect spot for a long conversation.


Tiffin Cafe Lisboa

Vegetarian / Community / Peaceful

A plant-based cafe with beautiful and incredibly fresh creations. The living room feel and the picturesque street where it’s located make this a neighborhood gem.

Poço dos Negros

Hello, Kristof

Tiny / Iconic / Elegant

An iconic little cafe with a big common table in the center. Come for the specialty coffee, stay for the charming interior and fantastic magazine selection.


The Folks

Curated / Exceptional / Comforting

This place prides itself on its unique approach to food and coffee — a must-visit spot for those who appreciate specialty coffee and breakfast.

Principe Real


Unique / Trendy / Stylish

A bakery, concept store, and coffee shop all in one. With a cute little garden in the back and pleasant aura, this is the place to sit for hours with your friend.