An invite-only app that brings new people to your life through inspiring conversations. Over breakfast.
An invite-only app that brings new people to your life through inspiring conversations. Over breakfast.
A new social app wants you to meet new people over breakfast
October 5, 2020
Press Release
The Breakfast is an invite-only app that introduces you to someone new to meet and talk over breakfast. In real life. The Breakfast is neither a dating nor a networking app. It is a human app.
Why do we all need it now?
Human connections make us happy and the best human encounters in life come when least expected and usually by chance. Today with the growth of remote/freelance work and virtualization of life we have less chances for new offline encounters. The Breakfast is a space for more of these chances to happen.

Social apps force us to choose whether we are dating or networking, but we believe that human relationships work the other way round. You get a chance to meet someone new without that feeling of a job interview and then it might work as a friendship, a business partnership, a love story or simply a good conversation. We believe in chances, not matches.
“Having breakfast together is a stress-free and easy way to meet and talk to someone new. Whereas lunch and dinner have clear business and romantic vibes.”
Lisa Oreshkina, The Breakfast co-founder
How does it work?
To have breakfast you simply make an announcement by sliding The Breakfast toggle on home screen. In a few minutes or a few hours we will introduce you to someone new. We call it a chance.

You will have 24 hours to proceed to the chat and arrange time and place for breakfast. Otherwise this chance will expire. You can get only one chance a day — that keeps everyone focused, engaged and it doesn't feel like a marketplace.

The Breakfast chancing algorithms are built on initial manual curation, in-app social behavior and breakfasts feedback. We are constantly improving the technology and UX to encourage openness and to keep the experiences diverse.
“We don't want people to spend time texting and swiping instead of just meeting. Starting from the home screen the app encourages and leads people to spontaneous real life interactions.

And this is one of the things that makes The Breakfast so different from other social apps.”
Eteri Saneblidze, The Breakfast co-founder
Why is it invite-only?
We, humans, love meeting new people who are interesting and who are interested. That is why The Breakfast is invite-only and starts with a thoughtful self-introduction. Yes, we are more than our profiles, but this is the first thing other people see. We carefully look through each application to invite people who did invest some time and effort to communicate what they do and what they'd love to talk about. This creates a friendly culture of mutuality and respect.

At the moment about 12% of the waiting list applicants get the invite code.

The Breakfast is for open-minded, driven creatives and leaders with diverse backgrounds: design, entrepreneurship, tech, filmmaking, media, food, architecture, marketing, journalism, photography, education, etc.

We believe it is diverse social interactions that bring new ideas, emotions and unexpected life/work opportunities.
What is the business model?
The app is subscription based. We don't sell ads or user data, we work to provide the utmost quality experience for people who find it valuable. We have a monthly subscription plan ($ 11.99) and a weekly plan ($ 3.99) if you just want to give The Breakfast a try.
What is the background?
The Breakfast is female-founded by Eteri Saneblidze, founder of Sea Me — a direct-to-consumer linen bedding brand, and Lisa Oreshkina, product designer and co-founder of Channelkit and The Question (acquired by Yandex in 2019).

We beta launched the iOS app to prove the concept and to improve the product. We received 6k+ waiting list applications with zero marketing budget.
The Breakfast is now ready to go global and we are accepting new applications to the waiting list worldwide. New York is to launch fall 2020.
App icons:
The Breakfast App Icon
The Breakfast App Icon
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The Breakfast app home screen
The Breakfast co-founders:
Lisa Oreshkina and Eteri Saneblidze