Meet new people
over breakfast

Not dating or networking. Just breakfast.

The Breakfast introduces you to someone new & interesting to meet and talk with in real life. Over breakfast.

We call every introduction a “chance” — a chance for genuine human connection.

We believe in chances, not matches

You can take only
one chance per 24 hours.

Why one chance per day?

The Breakfast is all about quality interaction with real people: we believe in showing up, not swiping.

That’s why every day you get the opportunity to take a chance on someone new. Take it or pass it on — no pressure!

How do chances work?

We developed an algorithm called BRIOCHE (Breakfast Integrated Ongoing Chances Estimation) that finds chances tailored to your profile and activity.

Each chance is an opportunity to meet a new person in your city and have breakfast together.

You choose whether to prioritize diversity or similarity of interests and personality, and BRIOCHE does the rest.

That way, you have the opportunity to interact with all types of people and expand your world.

Who is on The Breakfast?

There’s a simple description for our community: modern creatives. We are open-minded and driven individuals with various backgrounds: tech, entrepreneurship, art, design, film, food, architecture, writing, science, journalism, wellness, you name it. But being a modern creative is not just about your profession — it’s about your passion, your process and your openness to possibility.

To us, creativity is a way of being. And that’s something we can all connect around.

Why invites?

Invites help us keep the space clear of bots, spammers, fake, or incomplete profiles.

We want to make sure each profile is personal, thorough, and informative. That way, every chance is a meaningful introduction.

How do I join?

To become a member, download the app and fill out your profile following all the instructions. We review applications daily and follow up if more info is needed.

Or, join using an invite code from someone already on The Breakfast.

Does The Breakfast work in my city?

Right now, you can meet new awesome people over breakfast in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Kyiv, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Lviv, Madrid, Milan, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Tbilisi, Vienna, and Warsaw

We launch new cities whenever a city reaches 151 members. Once you download the app and create a profile, you will see your city’s progress bar.

Is The Breakfast app free?

The Breakfast is membership-based and there are no free trials. That’s to ensure that all our members approach every new introduction with the same level of intention and respect. At the same time, we are committed to remaining ad-free and will never sell your data. Your support helps us keep our commitment to our values in building an inspiring and safe space for modern connection.

You can join monthly for $12.99 (USA; for other regions, check the App Store or Google Play).

Who makes The Breakfast?

The Breakfast was conceptualized in 2018 by us, Eteri and Lisa. We wanted to create a social app that wasn’t about dating or networking, but instead was about people and conversations.

Today, our small team of passionate designers, engineers, writers and therapists is redesigning how people meet and connect in the modern world. We are headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal but our team is all over the world.

What’s the point?

Life happens to people who are open — to new opportunities, new people, new experiences.

In the modern world, even as we grow more connected digitally, people are increasingly closed off from one another. But how do we break out of our bubbles?

At The Breakfast, our mission is to connect more curious and open people all over the world through real conversations, in real life, over breakfast. Free from the pressures of dating or networking.

Why breakfast specifically?

Because dinner sounds like a date, and lunch sounds like a work meeting. Breakfast is usually just that — breakfast.

Coffee and a pastry counts, too :-)